Over-indebtedness not only has a profound effect on the wellbeing of consumers and households, but has a direct bearing on employers in that it often manifests in depression, lack of productivity and absenteeism from work, to the prejudice of employers.

The financially burdened consumer will struggle to add value to his working environment .

The DebtSenseGroup consequently recognises the need and desirability that over-indebteness be addressed holistically and, as part of it’s social responsibilty, provides wellness programs to employees of companies. More specifically, the DebtSenseGroup enters into partnerships of purpose with employers to assist their employees in developing achievable and sustainable budgets and if need be, with debt relief solutions. So doing the DebtSenseGroup believes that it can become an instrument towards the financial wellbeing of not only consumers, but also of businesses.

We partner with and assist employers by offering the following:

  • Workshops on financial wellbeing.
  • Assistance with debt councelling services
  • Insight into the legal impact of the National Credit Act on your business
  • Presentations on debt relief solutions and with Q&A time.

Please contact the Business Manager for an informal discussion on teaming up with us.

Email: morne@debtsensegroup.co.za

Cell: 083 635 1613

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