Our reputation is critical to us and we are mindful thereof that the preservation and enhancement of our reputation is subject to us maintaining the highest standard of ethics, as we will not be judged by what we say, but on how our ethics are reflected in our daily activities and conduct.

We are consequently dedicated to providing responsible, professional and confidential debt counseling services and related assistance to financially distressed families and individuals by providing hope, calming and sustainable debt relief solutions.


It is our vision to be recognized as the most responsible and trusted provider of debt relief services in South Africa through continuous development and improvement.


Our values include, but are not limited to honesty, integrity, accountability, reliability.


Our beliefs are premised thereon that service to others is services to oneself.


  1. To strive to make our services accessible to all who require debt relief.
  2. To operate in full compliance with the law
  3. To provide confidential and professional debt counseling and related services with compassion and empathy, regardless of race, creed, colour, sex, social position or financial status.
  4. To develop responsible realistic, achievable and sustainable debt relief solutions.
  5. To treat all over-indebted Consumers who seek our assistance with dignity, never apportioning blame or being judgmental.
  6. To enter into a partnership of purpose with over-indebted Consumers who seek our assistance to render them debt free.


Johan Bester is the founding Director of the company, holding the degrees of B.Juris, LLB. He is also a practicing attorney and Managing Director of a legal firm comprising of a staff compliment of 23 persons. He was raised and educated in the Eastern Cape. He started his career with the Department of Justice, initially as Public Prosecutor and subsequently as Magistrate and from which position he resigned in 1992 to practice as an attorney. He has, for the past 10 years, been engaged by the Law Society of South Africa as lecturer in a variety of topics and subjects, including legal accountancy for aspiring attorneys and in which capacity he has won several awards. He serves a CEO of our company.

Steve Beukes similarly holds the degrees of B,Juris, LLB and since 1998, practices as an attorney, specializing in debt rehabilitation. He was raised in the Western Cape, but obtained his tertiary qualifications in the Eastern Cape. He also started his career in the Department of Justice, initially as Public Prosecutor and gradating to the position of Magistrate. During his tenure as Magistrate, he served as President of the Eastern Cape Magistrates’ Association and as member of the steering committee of the National Magistrates’ Association. In our company he serves as legal advisor.

Willie Els was raised and educated in the Eastern Cape. He holds the following degrees, namely, BA, BA Hons, MA (University of South Florida), D. Phil (UPE), all of which he obtained cum laude. He started his career with the East Cape Development Board, where he held a number of positions before becoming Housing Director in 1986, He joined the Urban Foundation in 1988 as General Manager of Unifound Housing. With the inception of The New Housing Company (NewHco) in 1990, Willie became the CEO of the East Cape division, before being appointed as National Operations Director in 1996, and Managing Director in 1997. He held this position until his appointment as an Executive Director of Inframax Holdings (Pty) Ltd in March 2000. In 2003, he was appointed Managing Director of Inframax, and serves on numerous corporate governance structures in the Inframax Group.

Willie is also a non-executive Director of NewHco, the Johannesburg Housing Company and the Social Housing Company. Willie is indeed one of South Africa’s captains of industry and serves as non-executive Director of our company, his function being to provide corporate guidance to his co-Directors